Ambassador for Freedom

Minister Kimberly Michelle Ford has a clearly defined set of goals: saving lives, applauding survivors, and erasing the negative stigma associated with speaking out. In January 2017, she launched The FreedomSoul Foundation. Through the support of the Freedom Soul Foundation, Domestic Violence survivors are elevated from postures of shame and dehumanization to postures of power and confidence. They are restored of their dignity and self-worth, courageous enough to report abusive activity, and confident enough to walk away from abusive relationships with their dignity in-tact. 

A Voice for Survivors

Minister Ford is a sought-after & forward-thinking speaker who shares a message of healing and hope to all survivors. Her presentation embodies the strength and courage of survivors in such a way that charges society to view survivors as champions worthy of "applause". She challenges survivors to embrace their new beginnings and demonstrate the courage to move forward with power, in spite of the obstacles that are ahead of them. She carefully identifies the socialism and classicism which imprisons domestic violence survivors to a life of shame and low self-esteem. In each message, from the pulpit to the workplace,  Minister Ford’s audiences are challenged to be advocates for creating a world where women and children are viewed as valuable and worthy of honor. 

Being an advocate is not simply about helping victims to GET FREE, it is about living an exemplary life that empowers them to STAY FREE!!
— Min.Kimberly M. Ford, CEO - Founder